Budgie (1988)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Shows/Hide Tracks:01. Theyre Naked and They Move Old Compton Street 02. Thank You Mr Endell 03. There Is Love and There Is Love 04. If You Want to See Palermo Again 05. In One of My Weaker Moments 06. We Wont Fall out over This 07. Mary, Doris and Jane 08. Why Not Me? 09. If It Wasnt for the Side Effects 10. Old Compton Street 11. If That Baby Could Talk 12. Winners and Losers 13. Old Compton Street (Reprise) 14. There Is Love And There Is Love (Reprise) 15. I Like That in a Man 16. Budgie 17. In One Of My Weaker Moments (Reprise)