Bush is Bad (2005)

Musicales | 92 Min


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Shows/Hide Tracks:1. How Can 59 Million People Be So Dumb? (Company)2. Bush is Bad Intro (Company)3. Bush is Bad (Company)4. New Hope for the Fabulously Wealthy (Company)5. Das Busch Ist Schlecht (Michael)6. Good Conservative Values I (Company)7. The Gay Agenda (Neal)8. I May Be Gay (Company)9. Im Losing You, Karl (Company)10. Love Song of W. Mark Felt (Neal, Kate)11. John Bolton Has Feelings, Too (Michael)12. Crazy Ann Coulter (Kate)13. Lying Liars (Company)14. Survivor: Beltway Scumbag Edition (Company)15. The I Word (Company)16. Get Real (Kate)17. The Inauguration Was Marvelous (Neal)18. Good Conservative Values II (Company)19. Culture of Life (Company)20. Beaten by a Dead Man (Michael)21. Sure, You Betcha, Georgie (Kate)22. In His Own Words (Company)23. On Our Way (Company)24. Good Conservative Values III (Company)