Call It Love (1960)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Tracks: 1. I Could Be Happy With You (The Boy Friend) 2. The You-Don t-Want-To-Play-With-Me-Blues (The Boy Friend) 3. Thank You Ladies 4. Medusa (Slings And Arrows) 5. Gaiety Gloom (See You Later) 6. 1930 s Girl (See You Later) 7. Behind The Times (The Buccaneer) 8. The Boy Friend — Medley (The Boy Friend/Fancy Forgetting/A Room In Bloomsbury/It s Nicer In Nice/Poor Little Pierrette/It s Never Too Late To Fall In Love) 9. Only A Passing Phase (Valmouth) 10. I Will Miss You (Valmouth) 11. Blondes For Danger (Divorce Me Darling) 12. Don t Say Goodbye To Berlin (Goodbye To Berlin) 13. It Might Have Been Worse (Goodbye To Berlin) 14. Marriage (His Monkey Wife) 15. Take Me Home To Cleves (Oh Henry!) 16. Don t Be Afraid Of The Dark (See You Later) CALL IT LOVE — Original London Cast 17. Love Play — Richard Owens 18. Love Song In Rag — Penelope Newington/Karin Clair/Jacqueline Guise/Richard Owens/Roderick Joyce/Norman Warwick 19. I Know, Know, Know — Penelope Newington/Jacqueline Guise/Norman Warwick/Roderick Joyce/Karin Clair/Richard Owens 20. Hate Each Other Cha-Cha-Cha — Penelope Newington/Jacqueline Guise/ Roderick Joyce/Norman Warwick 21. Call It Love — Richard Owens/Company Musical Director: Jack Drummond DIVORCE ME DARLING! 22. Divorce Me Darling! 23. Whatever Happened To Love? 24. Together Again PIECES OF EIGHT 25. Outdoor Girl — Fenella Fielding