Conversation Piece (1951)

Musicales | 92 Min

Movie Story

Tracks: 1. Introduction (Overture) 2. The Scene Is Laid in Brighton by the Sea 3. Good Morning, Rose 4. Never Mind (Ill Follow My Secret Heart) 5. The Marquis of Sheere 6. You Understand, Her Happiness Is All That Matters 7. Im Afraid It Is Too Late for That 8. The Regent and His Retinue 9. This Over Masculinity (Regency Rakes) 10. Two English Ladies with Charming English Names 11. Charming, Charming 12. Dear Little Soldiers 13. The Mother and Father of Dear Lord Sheere 14. We British Are an Island Race (Theres Always Someth 15. Imagine a Summer Evening If You Please 16. Lord Sheere and His Father the Duke Pass By 17. My Dear Julia, I Thought You Were in Spain 18. Once More the House So Modest 19. English Lesson 20. Theres a Lady Downstairs to See You 21. Melanie, I Wish to Apologize (Reprise: Ill Follow M 22. The Melody That Follows 23. Now That You Know (Reprise: Regency Rakes) 24. Please Try to Envisage a Social Occasion 25. What a Charming House 26. I Am Glad That You Are Gay (Aria) 27. The Following Scene in the Following Day 28. And Now for a Rather Charming Scene 29. I Shall Remember You Always (Nevermore) 30. Melanie 31. All Comedies Must Come to an End (Finale)

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