Dirty rotten scoundrels (2005)

Musicales | 92 Min

Datos Generales

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Tracks: 01. Overture 02. Give Them What They Want 03. What Was a Woman to Do 04. Great Big Stuff 05. Chimp in a Suit 06. Oklahoma? 07. All About Ruprecht 08. Here I Am 09. Nothing Is Too Wonderful To Be True 10. The Miracle 11. Ruffhousin Mit Shuffhausen 12. Like Zis / Like Zat 13. The More We Dance 14. Love My Legs 15. Love Sneaks In 16. Son of Great Big Stuff 17. A Message From John Lithgow 18. The Reckoning 19. Dirty Rotten Number 20. Finale 21. Here I Am Demo by David Yazbek (BONUS) 22. All About Ruprecht Demo by David Yazbek (BONUS) 23. Nothing Is Too Wonderful To Be True Sherie Rene Scott (BONUS)Producción: Marty Bell, David Brown, Aldo Scrofani, Roy Furman, Dede Harris, Amanda Lipitz, Greg Smith, Ruth Hendel, Chase Mishkin, Barry Tatelman, Susan Tatelman, Debra Black, Sharon Karmazin, Joyce Schweickert, Bernie Abrams, Michael Speyer, Barbara Whitman, Weissberger Theater Group (Jay Harris, Producer), Cheryl Wiesenfeld, Jean Cheever, Clear Channel Entertainment, Harvey WeinsteinCoreografía: Jerry MitchellEscenografía: David RockwellVestuario: Gregg BarnesIluminación: Kenneth PosnerSonido: Acme Sound Partners