El Capitan (1997)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Tracks: Disc 1 (Act I): 1. Prelude 2. Nobles of Castilian birth/His Excellency begs you to excuse him!/Ah, beautiful land of Spain/Your highness let this frolic ended be/From Perus majestic mountains/Our goblets let us drain 3. Don Medigua, all for thy coming wait/If you examine humankind 4. When we hear the call for battle 5. Oh, spare a daughters aching heart 6. Lo, the awful man approaches/You see in me, my friends 7. Finale I: Bah! Bah! Disc 2: Act II: 1. Ditty of the Drill 2. Behold El Capitan 3. Ive a most decided notion 4. Bowd with tribulation 5. Oh, Warrior Grim 6. Don Medigua, heres your wife 7. Finale II: He cannot, must not, shall not Act III: 8. Sweetheart, Im waiting 9. Don Mediguas Entrance 10. When some serious affliction 11. A Typical Tune of Zanzibar 12. Chorus and Entrance of Spanish Troops/The Chase 13. Finale III: Epilogue: We beg your kind consideration