For Me and My Gal (1942)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales


Tracks:1. Main Title – MGM Studio Orchestra2. Vaudeville Routine – MGM Studio Orchestra3. The Doll Shop, Part 1 – Lucille NormanGeorge Murphy4. Oh, You Beautiful Doll – George Murphy5. The Doll Shop, Part 1 (Continued) – Lucille Norman/George Murphy6. Dont Leave Me, Daddy – Judy Garland7. Oh, You Beautiful Doll (Reprise) – George Murphy8. The Doll Shop, Part 2 – MGM Studio Orchestra9. By The Beautiful Sea – George Murphy/Judy Garland/Ben Blue/MGM Studio Orchestra10. Darktown Strutters Ball (Extended Version) – MGM Studio Orchestra11. For Me And My Gal – Judy Garland/Gene Kelly12. The Confession – MGM Studio Orchestra13. When You Wore A Tulip – Gene Kelly/Judy Garland14. Dont Bite The Hand Thats Feeding You – Judy Garland/Abe Dinovitch/Maude Erickson15. Do I Love You? – Marta Eggerth16. It Started With Eve – MGM Studio Orchestra/Roger Edens17. A Womans Prerogative – MGM Studio Orchestra18. After Youve Gone – Judy Garland19. The Spell Of The Waltz (Outtake) – Marta Eggerth/MGM Studio Chorus20. Love Song (Extended Version) – MGM Studio Orchestra21. A Dream Crashes – MGM Studio Orchestra22. Im Sorry I Made You Cry (Outtake) – George Murphy23. Tell Me (Outtake) – George Murphy/Ben Blue24. Tell Me (Reprise) – Lucille Norman/Sportsmen Male Quartet25. Till We Meet Again – Lucille Norman/Kings Men/MGM Studio Chorus/Judy Garland26. We Dont Want The Bacon, What We Want Is A Piece Of The Rhine (Extended Version/Alternate Ending) – Ben Lessey27. Ballin The Jack – Judy Garland/Gene Kelly28. The Small Time (Extended Version) – MGM Studio Orchestra29. What Are You Going To Do About The Boys? – Ben Blue/Kings Men30. How Ya Gonna Keep Em Down On The Farm? – Judy Garland/MGM Studio Chorus31. Theres A Long, Long Trail – Kings Men/MGM Studio Chorus32. Where Do We Go From Here? – Judy Garland/Kings Men/MGM Studio Chorus33. Over There/Its A Long Way To Tipperary – MGM Studio Orchestra/Judy Garland34. YMCA Montage (Continued)/Goodbye Broadway, Hello France – MGM Studio Orchestra/MGM Studio Chorus35. Yankee Doodle/Smiles – MGM Studio Orchestra/Judy Garland36. Hincky Dinky Parlay Voo (Madmoiselle From Armentieres)/Oh, Frenchy – MGM Studio Orchestra/Gene Kelly/Ben Blue37. YMCA Montage (Continued)/Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag And Smile, Smile, Smile – MGM Studio Chorus/Judy Garland38. When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Extended Version) – Judy Garland/MGM Studio Chorus39. Finale (For Me And My Gal Reprise) – MGM Studio Chorus/Judy Garland, Gene Kelly40. Main Title (Alternate Version) – MGM Studio Orchestra41. Dear Old Pal Of Mine (Outtake) – Kings Men/MGM Studio Chorus42. Smiles (Extended Version/Outtake) – Judy Garland43. Three Cheers For The Yanks (Outtake) – Judy Garland/Six Hits And A Miss/MGM Studio Chorus44. For Me And My Gal (Original Finale/Outtake) – Judy Garland/George Murphy/Gene Kelly/MGM Studio Chorus