Forbidden Broadway 1990 (1991)

Musicales | 92 Min

Datos Generales

Tracks:1. Opening Who Do They Know? – Michael McGrath/Toni DiBuono/Gerard Alessandrini2. Forbidden Broadway Volume 2 – Gerard Alessandrini/Toni DiBuono/Michael McGrath/Roxie Lucas/Phillip George…3. Fugue For Tinhorns (Fugue For Scalpers) – Phillip George/Michael McGrath/John Freedson4. Anything Goes I Get A Kick Out Of You (Patti LuPone I Get A Kick Out Of Me) – Patti LuPone I Get A Kick Out Of Me/Toni DiBuono/Gerard Alessandrini/Micheal McGrath…5. Into The Woods Weekend In The Country (Into The Words) – Karen Murphy/Michael McGrath/Roxie Lucas/Phillip George6. Tomorrow (Annie II) – Toni DiBuono7. Poor Butterfly (M. Butterfly) – Michael McGrath8. The Rain In Spain (Madonnas Brain) – Michael McGrath/Toni DiBuono/Phillip George/Roxie Lucas9. Never Never Land (Never, Never Panned) – Roxie Lucas10. Over The Rainbow (Somewhat Overindulgent) – Kevin Ligon11. America (Chita – Rita) – Dorothy Kiara/Toni DiBuono12. I Am What I Am (I Ham What I Ham) – Gerard Alessandrini/Karen Murphy13. Hey, Big Spender (Hey, Bob Fosse) – Roxie Lucas/Michael McGrath/John Freedson14. Almost Like Being In Love (Almost Like Vegas In New York) – Gerard Alessandrini/Michael McGrath15. Ballad Of Sweeney Todd (Teeny Todd) – Gerard Alessandrini/John Freedson/William Selby/Linda Strasser/Karen Murphy16. Liza – Linda Strasser17. The Ladies Who Lunch (The Ladies Who Screech) – Roxie Lucas18. Phantom Of The Musical (Gold Finger) – Kevin Ligon//Toni DiBuono/John Freedson/Phillip George/Linda Strasser19. Give My Regards To Broadway Yankee Doodle Dandy (George M) – Michael McGrath/John Freedson/Phillip George/Toni DiBuono/Karen Murphy/Linda Strasser…20. More Miserable Sequence: Cest Magnifigue (Les Miserables)/End Of the Day (End Of The Play)… – Toni DiBuono/Phillip George/John Freedson/Karen Murphy/Roxie Lucas/Linda Strasser…21. Finale – Company