Free To Be… You and Me (1972)

Musicales | 92 Min

Datos Generales

VersiĆ³n en TelevisionTracks:1. Free To Be You And Me – The New Seekers2. Boy Meets Girl – Mel Brooks and Marlo Thomas3. When We Grow Up – Diana Ross4. Dont Dress Your Cat In An Apron – Billy De Wolfe5. Parents Are People – Harry Belafonte and Marlo Thomas6. Housework – Carol Channing7. Helping – Tom Smothers8. Ladies First – Marlo Thomas9. Dudley Pippin And The Principal – Billy De Wolfe, Marko Thomas, Bobby Morse10. Its All Right To Cry – Rosey Grier11. Sisters And Brothers – Sisters and Brothers12. My Dog Is A Plumber – Dick Cavett13. Williams Doll – Alan Alda and Marlo Thomas14. Atlanta – Alan Alda and Marlo Thomas15. Grandma – Diana Sands16. Girl Land – Jack Cassidy and Shirley Jones17. Dudley Pippin And His No-Friend – Bobby Morse and Marlo Thomas18. Glad To Have A Friend Like You – Marlo Thomas19. Free To Be…You And Me – The New Seekers