Happy End (2006)

Musicales | 92 Min

Datos Generales

1. PrólogoBuy MP3 2. The Bilbao SongBuy MP3 3. Lieutenants of the LordBuy MP3 4. March AheadBuy MP3 5. Time in a Shot GlassBuy MP3 6. The Sailors TangoBuy MP3 7. EntrActeBuy MP3 8. The Sailors Tango (Reprise)Buy MP3 9. Brother, Give Yourself a ShoveBuy MP3 10. Song of the Big ShotBuy MP3 11. Dont Be AfraidBuy MP3 12. In Our Childhoods Bright EndeavorBuy MP3 13. The Liquor Dealers DreamBuy MP3 14. The Mandalay SongBuy MP3 15. Goddam ItBuy MP3 16. Surabaya JohnnyBuy MP3 17. Song of the Big Shot (Reprise)Buy MP3 18. Ballad of the Lily of HellBuy MP3 19. Song of the Big Shot (Reprise)Buy MP3 20. In Our Childhoods Bright Endeavor (Reprise)Buy MP3 21. EpilogueBuy MP3 22. The Bilbao Song (Reprise)