James Cooks First Voyage Around the World: HM Bark Endeavour 1768-1771

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Lado uno:1. Introduction: Journal May 27th, August 26th 17682. Ten thousand miles (Journal 1st 8th September 1768)3. High Barbaree (Journal 6th November 1768)4. Rio Grande (Journal 14th November 1768)5. Johnnys gone to Hilo (Journal 16th, 17th 20th January 1769)6. HM Bark EndeavourLado dos:1. Journal 14th April, 19th June, 28th August 17692. The Drunken Sailor (Journal 7th October 1769)3. HM Bark Endeavour (Journal 31st March 1770)4. Homeward bound (Journal 19th,28th 29th April 1770)5. Botany Bay (Journal 11th 12th June 1770)6. The Crocadile (Journal 17th August 1770)