Jekyll & Hyde (2001)

Musicales | 92 Min

Datos Generales

1. Prologue2. Lost In The Darkness3. Facade4. Pursue The Truth5. Facade (Reprise 1)6. Emmas Reason7. I Must Go On8. Take Me As I Am9. Letting Go10. Facade (Reprise 2)11. No One Knows Who I Am12. Good N Evil13. Now There Is No Choice14. This Is The Moment15. First Transformation16. Alive17. Your Work- And Nothing More18. Sympathy, Tenderness19. Someone Like You20. Alive (Reprise)21. Murder, Murder22. Once Upon A Dream23. Obsession24. In His Eyes25. Dangerous Game26. Facade (Reprise 3)27. The Way Back28. A New Life29. Confrontation30. Facade (Reprise 4)31. Finale