Jerome Kern Goes to Hollywood (1985)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

01. The Song Is You [Music in the Air] Ive Told Evry Little Star [Music in the Air] The Cast 02. Ill Be Hard to Handle [Roberta] Liz Robertson 03. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes [Music in the Air] Elisabeth Welch 04. Yesterdays [Roberta] Liz Robertson /David Kernan 05. I Wont Dance [Roberta] The Cast 06. Im Old Fashioned [You Were Never Lovelier] Elaine Delmar 07. Dearly Beloved [You Were Never Lovelier] Liz Robertson 08. Pick Yourself Up [Swing Time] Elaine Delmar/Liz Robertson 09. She Didnt Say Yes [The Cat And The Fiddle] Elisabeth Welch 10. The Folks Who Live on the Hill David Kernan 11. Long Ago and Far Away [Cover Girl] The Cast 12. Lovely to Look at [Roberta] Just Let Me Look at You Elisabeth Welch/Liz Robertson 13. Remind Me Elaine Delmar 14. The The Last Time I Saw Paris David Kernan 15. Ol Man River [Show Boat] David Kernan/Liz Robertson/Elaine Delamar 16. Why Was I Born [Till the Clouds Roll By] Elisabeth Welch 17. Bill Cant Help Lovin Dat Man Of Mine [Show Boat] Liz Robertson/Elaine Delmar 18. All the Things You Are [Very Warm for May] They Didnt Believe Me [The Girl from Utah] David Kernan/Liz Robertson/Elain Delmar/The Cast