Junk: A Rock Opera (2007)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

1. Overture2. How To Find A Decent Sushi Bar3. Here Comes The Man4. Penthouse Party5. Junkyard Commercial Spot6. This Is Junk7. Metro Jets Premiere Concert8. Working With My Hands9. And The Wall10. Designer Dream11. Cottage Cheese12. Orange Peel13. Anybody Home?14. No Sunny Days15. World Going Wrong16. Hostile Takeover (2nd Overture)17. What Have I Done And Why Did I Do It?18. Metro Jets Premiere Concert Pt. 219. Do You Really Think That You Deserve All The Money That You Earn? (The Making Of The Suit Of Armor)20. All Free Agents21. Skyscraper22. Whos That Man?23. Martina Says24. Junk25. Keyboard Wizard26. Glycemic Index (How To Find A Decent Sushi Bar – Reprise)27. Here Comes The New Man28. Los Reyes De La Musica Rock Progresiva