Meet Me in St. Louis (1989)

Musicales | 92 Min

Datos Generales

Temas Musicales01. Overture Meet Me in St. Louis Milo OShea/Courtney Peldon/Ensemble 02. The Boy Next Door Donna Kane 03. Be Anything but a Girl Milo OShea/Courtney Peldon/Rachel Graham 04. Skip to My Lou Donna Kane/Juliet Lambert/Michael Osteen/Gregg Whitney/Jason Workman/Peter Reardon/Ensemble 05. Under the Bamboo Tree Donna Kane/Courtney Peldon 06. Banjos Michael OSteen/Ensemble 07. Ghosties and Ghoulies and Things That Go Bump in the Night Halloween Ballet Betty Garrett/Courtney Peldon/Ensemble 08. Wasnt It Fun? George Hearn/Charlotte Moore 09. The Trolley Song Donna Kane/Ensemble 10. Entracte Ice Juliet Lambert/Ensemble 11. Raving Beauty Peter Reardon/Gregg Whitney/Juliet Lambert 12. A Touch of the Irish Betty Garrett/Donna Kane/Juliet Lambert 13. You Are for Loving Jason Workman/Donna Kane 14. A Day in New York George Hearn 15. Irish Jig (The Starlight) Milo Oshea/The Company 16. Diamonds in the Starlight Jason workman 17. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Donna Kane 18. Paging Mr. Sousa George Hearn/The Company 19. Finale The Company 20. Meet Me in St. LouisDel 19 de octubre 1989 al 10 de junio 1990