Mrs. Santa Claus (1996)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

1. Overture – Overture2. Seven Days Til Christmas – Michael Jeter/Kristi Lynes/Jamie Torcellini/Angela Lansbury3. Mrs. Santa Claus – Angela Lansbury4. Avenue A – David Norona/Grace Keagy/Linda Kerns/Ensemble5. Avenue A (Reprise) – Angela Lansbury6. A Tavish Toy – Terrence Mann/The Kids7. Almost Young – Angela Lansbury8. Almost Young (Reprise) – The Kids/Angela Lansbury9. Suffragette March – Linda Kerns/Grace Keagy/Debra Wiseman/Angela Lansbury/The Women10. We Dont Go Together At All – Debra Wiseman/David Norona11. Whistle – Angela Lansbury/Lynsey Bartilson12. Dear Mrs. Santa Claus – Charles Durning13. Whistle (Reprise) – Angela Lansbury/Lynsey Bartilson14. He Needs Me – Angela Lansbury15. The Best Christmas Of All – Charles Durning/Angela Lansbury/Ensemble Add a new release