NEWSical: All the Stuff Thats Fit to Spoof (2005)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

1. Everyones Full of *%itBuy MP3 2. Dubya We Love YaBuy MP3 3. Felt Up at the AirportBuy MP3 4. What About MeBuy MP3 5. I Must Have Been StonedBuy MP3 6. My Political OpinionBuy MP3 7. Arnold and the KennedysBuy MP3 8. I Just Come to Say, Im GayBuy MP3 9. Martha Stewart: The MusicalBuy MP3 10. Prozac, Ritalin, TrimspaBuy MP3 11. Too Much BotoxBuy MP3 12. Dr. PhilBuy MP3 13. Not the Man I MarriedBuy MP3 14. Hooters AirBuy MP3 15. America OnlineBuy MP3 16. Anna NicoleBuy MP3 17. I Am an AnimalBuy MP3 18. Michael and PeterBuy MP3 19. Nobody Messes With LizaBuy MP3 20. Denial