Notre Dame de Paris (2000)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Tracks:Disc 1:1. Overture2. The age of the cathedrals3. The refugees4. Frollos intervention5. The bohemienne song6. Esmeralda you see7. So look no more for love8. The feast of fools9. The king of fools10. The sorceress11. The foundling12. The gates of Paris13. The kidnap attempt14. The court of miracles15. Shinning like the sun16. Torn apart17. Water, please18. Belle19. Home in the sky20. The pagan Ave Maria21. Your love will kill me22. The shadow23. At the Val damour24. The voluptuary25. DestinyDisc 2:1. The bells2. Where is she?3. The birds they put in cages4. Cast away5. The trial6. The torture7. To get back to you8. My heart if you will swear9. Frollo’s visit to Esmeralda10. One bright morning you danced11. Free today12. God you made the world all wrong13. Live for the one I love14. The attack on Notre Dame15. By royal law16. My master, my saviour17. Give her to me18. Dance my Esmeralda19. Bows20. The age of the cathedrals (reprise)