Pacific Overtures (1976)

Musicales | 92 Min

Datos Generales

01. The Advantages of Floating in the Middle of the Sea Mako And Company 02. There Is No Other Way Alvin Ing/Ricardo Tobia 03. Four Black Dragons Jae Woo Lee/Mark Hsu Syers/Mako And Company 04. Chrysanthemum Tea Alvin Ing/Mako/Mark Hsu Syers/Timm Fujii/Gedde Watanabe/Patrick Kinser-Lau 05. Poems Isao Sato/Sab Shimono 06. Welcome to Kanagawa Ernest Harada/Timm Fujii/Patrick Kinser-Lau/Gedde Wtanabe/Leslie Watanabe/Mako 07. Someone in a Tree James Dybas/Mako/Gedde Watanabe/Mark Hsu Syers 08. Please Hello Alvin Ing/Yuki Shimoda/Ernest Harada/Mako/Patrick Kinser-Lau 09. A Bowler Hat Isao Sato 10. Pretty Lady Patrick Kinser-Lau/Timm Fujii/Mark Hsu Syers 11. Next Mako And CompanyDel 11 de enero 1976 al 27 de junio 1976