Patience (1960)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

La obra transcurre en la Francia de 1947, expone magistralmente y sin anestesia, con particular e incisivo humor y en clave de tragicomedia, el juego entre la apariencia y la realidad en la vida de estas féminas durante la función en un palco de orquesta en un restaurante de un balneario, cuando todavía están abiertas las heridas de la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

Disc 1: 1. Overture 2. Twenty love-sick maidens we 3. Still brooding on their mad infatuation 4. I cannot tell what this love may be 5. Twenty love-sick maidens we 6. The soldiers of our Queen 7. If you want a receipt for that popular mystery 8. In a doleful train two two we walk all day 9. Twenty love-sick maidens we 10. When I first put this uniform on 11. Am I alone unobserved? 12. If youre anxious for to shine 13. Long years ago-fourteen, maybe 14. Prithee, pretty maiden-prithee 15. Though to marry you 16. Let the merry cymbals sound 17. Now tell us, we pray you 18. Heart broken at my Patiences barbarity 19. Stay, we implore you, before our hopes are blighted 20. Your maidens hearts, ah, do steel Disc 2: 1. Come, walk up, and purchase with avidity 2. Weve been thrown over, were aware 3. And are you going a ticket to buy? 4. Hold! Stay your hand! 5. True love must single-hearted be 6. I hear the soft note of the echoing voice 7. But who is this, whose god-like grace 8. List Reginald, whilst I confess a love 9. On such eyes as maidens cherish 10. Sad is a womans lot who, year by year 11. Silvered is the raven hair 12. Turn, oh turn in this direction 13. A magnet hung in a hardware shop 14. Love is a plaintive song 15. So go to him say to him 16. Its clear that the mediaeval art 17. If Saphir I choose to marry 18. When I go out of the door 19. Im a Waterloo House young man 20. After much debate internal, I on Lady Jane decide