Porgy and Bess (1942)

Musicales | 92 Min

Movie Story

1. Overture…Summertime – Anne Brown With Chorus 2. Summertime… A Woman Is A Sometime Thing – Edward Matthews Harriet Jackson With Chorus 3. My Mans Gone Now – Annie Brown With Chorus 4. It Takes a Long Pull To Get There – Edward Matthews With Chorus 5. I Got Plenty ONuttin – Todd Duncan With Chorus 6. Buzzard Song – Todd Duncan With Chorus 7. Bess, You Is My Woman Now – Todd Duncan Anne Brown 8. It Aint Necessarily So – Todd Duncan With Chorus 9. What You Want Wid Bess? – Todd Duncan Anne Brown 10. Strawberry Womans Call…Crab Mans Call – Helen Dowdy, Gladys Goode, William Woolfolk Georgette Harvey 11. I Loves You, Porgy – Anne Brown Todd Duncan 12. The Requiem – Chorus 13. Theres A Boat Dats Leavin Soon For New York – Avon Long Anne Brown 14. Porgys Lament And Finale – Todd Duncan With Chorus 15. Summertime – Helen Jepson With Chorus 16. Summertime…Crapgame…A Woman Is A Something Thing – Helen Jepson Lawrence Tibbett With Chorus 17. My Mans Gone Now – Helen Jepson With Chorus 18. I Got Plenty ONuttin – Lawrence Tibbett With Chorus 19. Buzzard Song – Lawrence Tibbett With Chorus 20. Bess, You Is My Woman Now – Lawrence Tibbett Helen Jepson 21. It Aint Necessarily So – Lawrence Tibbett With Chorus 22. Where Is My Bess? – Lawrence TibbettProducción: Cheryl CrawfordEscenografía: Herbert AndrewsVestuario: Paul Du PontDel 22 de enero al 26 de septiembre 1942

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