Postcards on Parade

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

1. Act One, Scene 1: Postcards On Parade2. Act One, Scene 1: Queen Victorias Benediction3. Act One, Scene 1: I Remember/Picture Postcard Poifect4. Act One, Scene 1: Moments In TIme5. Act One, Scene 2: The Middle Of Nowhere6. Act One, Scene 3: Suicide Rap7. Act One, Scene 3: Cheeky Kiki8. Act Two: Uranian Besieged9. Act Two: One Day At A Time10. Act Two: Seventeen Years Of Living Hell11. Act Two: Take Me Away, Roy Rogers12. Act Two: Regina, La Postcard Queen Of La Breeze Marina13. Act Two: Its A Good Life14. Act Two: Envoi/Postcards On Parade