Runaways (1978)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

01. Where Do People Go 02. Every Now and Then Bernie Allison 03. Minnesota Strip Song of a Child Prostitute Ray Contreras, Diane Lane, Venustra K. Robinson, Randy Ruiz 04. Find Me a Hero David Schechter 05. Undiscovered Son Judith Fleisher, John Schimmel 06. No Lullabies for Luis Ray Contreras, Patience Higgins 07. We Are Not Strangers 08. Basketball Song Leonard Brown 09. Let Me Be a Kid 10. Revenge Song Enterprise Markk Anthony Butler, Karen Evans, 11. Lullaby from Baby to Baby Trini Alvarado, Karen Evans, 12. Sometimes Venustra K. Robinson, David Schechter 13. Where Are Those People Who Did Hair Karen Evans, David Schechter 14. To the Dead of Family Wars Karen Evans 15. Lonesome of the Road Let Me Be a Kid (Reprise) Bernie Allison, Ray Contreras