The Card (1973)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Tracks: 1. Typical Machin: Act I2. Another Time, Another Place: Act I – Jessica Martin3. Youll Do: Act I4. How Do: Act I5. Nobody Thought of It: Act I6. Rents: Act I – Jessica Martin7. Moving on: Act I – Jessica Martin, Jenna Russell8. Time to Spend (Beside the Sea): Act I9. Lock, Stock & Barrell: Act I10. Is It Just Me?: Act I – Janet Lowe11. Typical Machin (Reprise): Act II12. Thats the Way the Money Grows: Act II – Cameron Blakely, , Jenna Russell13. If Only: Act II – Jenna Russell14. Countess of Chell: Act II – Hayley Mills15. Card: Act II16. Opposite Your Smile: Act II – Jenna Russell17. If Only (Reprise): Act II – Jenna Russell18. Moving On (Reprise): Act II – Jessica Martin19. Is It Just Me (Reprise): Act II – Jenna Russell20. Finale the Company: Act II