The Chocolate Soldier (1962)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Tracks: 1 Introduction (Nadina, Mascha, Aurelia, Chorus) 2 My Hero (Nadina) 3 Sympathy (Nadina, Bumerli) 4 Seek the Spy (Nadina, Mascha, Aurelia, Chorus) 5 Finale Act 1 (Nadina, Mascha, Aurelia) 6 Alexius the Heroic (Thank the Lord!) (Nadina, Alexius, Chorus) 7 The Chocolate Soldier (Nadina, Bumerli) 8 The Letter Song (Nadina) 9 Finale Act 3 (Nadina, Bumerli, Alexius, Chorus) 10. Overture (Yodellers and Orchestra) 11. It Would Be Wonderful (Josepha, Leopold) 12. The White Horse Inn (Sutton, Chorus) 13. Your Eyes (Sutton, Ottoline) 14. Good-Bye (Leopold, Chorus) 15. You Too (Sutton, Ottoline) 16. In Salzkammergut (Josepha, Chorus) 17. My Song of Love (Sutton, Ottoline) 18. Finale: The White Horse Inn reprise (Chorus)