The Consul (1999)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Tracks: Disc: 1 1. Tu reviendras et voudras menfermer dans tes bras 2. Quick, John! The Police! 3. The Consul: Act 1- Scene 1: Dont Move Yet 4. Now, O Lips, Say Goodbye 5. Interlude 6. Next . Yes… What Can I Do For You? 7. Next. Next! 8. Next. Hello. Oh! Its You! 9. I Beg Your Pardon, Madam 10. Tu reviendras et voudras m enfermer dans tes bras 11. I Shall Find For You Shells And Stars 12. John, John, Why Did You Bring Me… 13. It Is The Signal 14. Mother, Why Are You So Still, Mother! 15. Interlude Disc: 2 1. What Did You Say Your Name Was? 2. My Charming Mamoiselle 3. Any News For Me? 4. To This Weve Come 5. Youre Being Very Unreasonable, Mrs Sorel 6. How Often Must I Tell You, Mrs Sorel 7. Dont Forget To Sign 8. Oh, Those Faces! All Those Faces! 9. Who Are You? How Did You Get In? 10. You Cannot Arrest Him Here 11. Dont Be Afraid, Mr Sorel! – Interlude 12. I Never Meant To Do This 13. Lo, Deaths Frontiers Are Open 14. No! Wait! Wait… Im Coming With You