The Dancing Years (1939)

Musicales | 92 Min

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Movie Story

Tracks: 1. The Dancing Years: Orchestral Pot-Pourri: Leap Year Waltz – Uniform – My Life Belongs To You – Waltz Of My Heart – Primrose – Wings Of Sleep – I Can Give You The Starlight – My Dearest Dear – Finale 2. The Dancing Years: Waltz Of My Heart 3. The Dancing Years: The Wings Of Sleep 4. The Dancing Years: My Life Belongs To You 5. The Dancing Years: I Can Give You The Starlight 6. The Dancing Years: My Dearest Dear 7. The Dancing Years: Primrose 8. Glamorous Night: Orchestral Pot-Pourri: Her Majesty Militza – Shine Through My Dreams – Fold Your Wings – When The Gipsy Played – Far Away In Shanty Town – Royal Wedding 9. Glamorous Night 10. Glamorous Night: When The Gipsy Played 11. Careless Rapture: Why Is There Ever Goodbye? 12. Careless Rapture: Studio Scene 13. Crest Of The Wave: Rose Of England 14. Crest Of The Wave: Haven Of Your Heart 15. Crest Of The Wave: Why Isnt It You? 16. Crest Of The Wave: If You Only Knew 17. Theodore & Co.: What A Duke Should Be 18. Theodore & Co.: Oh, How I Want To Marry

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