The fantasticks (1993)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

1. The OvertureBuy MP3 2. Try To RememberBuy MP3 3. Luisas IntroductionBuy MP3 4. Much MoreBuy MP3 5. Matts IntroductionBuy MP3 6. MetaphorBuy MP3 7. Never Say NoBuy MP3 8. El Gallos EntranceBuy MP3 9. It Depends On What You PayBuy MP3 10. The Players Have ArrivedBuy MP3 11. You Wonder How These Things BeginBuy MP3 12. Soon Its Gonna RainBuy MP3 13. Abduction BalletBuy MP3 14. Old Actors FarewellBuy MP3 15. Happy EndingBuy MP3 16. Burnished By The SunBuy MP3 17. This Plum Is Too RipeBuy MP3 18. This Tear Is EnoughBuy MP3 19. I Can See ItBuy MP3 20. Socrates And LodavigoBuy MP3 21. Grant Me In Your Minds A MonthBuy MP3 22. Plant A RadishBuy MP3 23. Much More (Reprise)Buy MP3 24. Round And RoundBuy MP3 25. The NecklaceBuy MP3 26. I Can See It (Reprise)Buy MP3 27. There Is A Curious ParadoxBuy MP3 28. They Were YouBuy MP3 29. Try To Remember (Reprise)Buy MP3 30. Curtain CallBuy MP3 31. A Perfect Time To Be In Love (First Recording)