The girl who came to supper (1963)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Shows/Hide Tracks:1. Act I: Intro/Carpathian National Anthem/My Family Tree – Orch/Jose Ferrer/Roderick Cook/Florence Henderson/Irene Browne/Tessie OShea/Sean Scully…2. Act I: Ive Been Invited To A Party – Florence Henderson3. Act I: When Foreign Princes Come To Visit Us – Carey Nairnes/Marian Haraldson/Jack Eddleman/Maggie Worth/Donna Monroe/Ruth Shepherd/Murray Adler…4. Act I: Sir Or Maam – Roderick Cook/Florence Henderson5. Act I: Soliloquies – Jose Ferrer/Florence Henderson6. Act I: Lonely – JOSE FERRER7. Act I: London Is A Little Bit Of All Right/What Ho, Mrs. Brisket… – Tessie OShea/Sean Scully/Jose Ferrer/Florence Henderson/Irene Browne/Roderick Cook…8. Act I: Here And Now – Florence Henderson9. Act II: Coronation Chorale – Florence Henderson/Jose Ferrer/Irene Browne/Tessie OShea/Roderick Cook/Sean Scully/Chris Gampel…10. Act II: How Do You Do, Middle Age? – JOSE FERRER11. Act II: Curt, Clear And Concise – Jose Ferrer/Roderick Cook12. Act II: The Coconut Girl – Florence Henderson/Sean Scully13. Act II: This Time Its True Love – Florence Henderson/Jose Ferrer14. Act II: Ill Remember Her – JOSE FERRERProducción: Herman LevinIluminación: Peggy ClarkEscenografía: Oliver SmithVestuario: Irene SharaffDel 05 de diciembre 1963 al 14 de marzo 1964