The Highwayman: Highlights from the Australian Musical Comedy (1965)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

1. Overture2. Drink, boys, drink – chorus3. Im the belle of the 50s – Babs McKinnon4. Gold, god of the world – Jan Mazarus5. Gorgeous – Valda Bagnal chorus6. Dont you think its romantic – Valda Bagnall Jan Mazarus7. Im the girl who doesnt mind a bit of nonsense – Babs McKinnon Ross Higgins8. Song of the Gold-diggers – Jan Mazarus chorus9. Song of the Bush – Valda Bagnall10. Song of the Highwayman – Jan Mazarus chorus11. Shes in love with a Highwayman – chorus12. Ladies in fashion – chorus13. Shes mine, all mine! – Jan Mazarus chorus14. Waltz divine