The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (1997)

Musicales | 92 Min

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Movie Story

1. Act I: Overture/Benedictus – Holy Choir of Angels2. Act I: Better See You In Some Other World Below – Holy Choir of Angels3. Act I: Better Days(intro) – Dared Wright4. Act I: Pope Of Fools – Holy Choir of Angels5. Act I: Alchemy – Dared Wright6. Act I: Making My Own Way By – Susan Rubin7. Act I: Guilty – William Garder/Chris Mahoney8. Act I: For The Holidays – J. H.Williston9. Act I: Philosopher Of The Streets – Rob Lytle10. Act I: All The Thieves In France – Dared Wright11. Act I: Streets Of Paris – Susan Rubin12. Act I: Made Of Stone Like You – Chip Phillips13. Act I: So Far Away From You – Susan Rubin/Dared Wright14. Act I: Better Days – Dared Wright/Rikki LaMonda15. Act I: Requiem Sanctuary! – Holy Choir of Angels16. Act II: Sinfonia – Holy Choir of Angels17. Act II: One Honest Man – Dared Wright18. Act II: The Silence Of The Dawn – Chip Phillips19. Act II: Sanctuary!(reprise) – Holy Choir of Angels20. Act II: The Sachettes Tale – Dared Wright/Monica Tosches21. Act II: A Star In One Mans Universe – Dared Wright/Mark Light-Orr22. Act II: Nearer To Morning Than Midnight – Susan Rubin23. Act II: Graveyard scene – Holy Choir of Angels

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