The Jello Is Always Red (1997)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

1. The Jello Is Always Red – Winston Clark2. Hey There, Lets All Have A Little Fun – Winston Clark/Celia Gentry/Neal Young3. Youre The One Im For – Winston Clark4. Resolution – Neal Young5. Reflection – Celia Gentry6. Everything I Buy Was Made In China – Winston Clark7. There Is Always Some More Toothpaste In The Tube – Winston Clark/Celia Gentry/Neal Young8. By The Sea – Winston Clark9. Its Very Warm In Here – Celia Gentry10. If I Could – Neal Young11. The Peanut Butter Affair – Winston Clark/Celia Gentry/Neal Young12. Hey, Buckaroo – Neal Young/Celia Gentry13. Chickens – Winston Clark14. Birds Song (I Like Them) – Winston Clark15. Beautiful Song – Neal Young16. Im No Sure – Celia Gentry17. You Are – Winston Clark18. I Love A Lad – Celia Gentry19. Cool – Winston Clark20. The Chipmunk – Neal Young21. A Bird In A Cage – Celia Gentry22. A Dog Outside A Store – Winston Clark23. Alligators – Winston Clark/Celia Gentry/Neal Young24. The Ending – Winston Clark/Celia Gentry/Neal Young