The Maid of the Mountains (1972)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Temas MusicalesTracks From Chu Chin Chow: 1. Prelude (from 1961 recording) 2. Here Be Oysters 3. I Am Chu Chin Chow 4. Cleopatras Nile (When The Blood-Red Sun Is Gliding Oer The Nile) 5. Ill Sing And Dance 6. Corraline 7. When A Pullet Is Plump 8. Robbers Chorus (We Are The Robbers Of The Woods) 9. I Love Thee So (Although Ive Often Asked Before) 10. Behold! 11. I Long For The Sun (How Can I Sing From A Heart Thats Cold?) 12. Mahbubah (She Will Say Her Say) (from 1961 recording) 13. I Built A Fairy Palace In The Sky (from 1961 recording) 14. Any Times Kissing Time (People Have Slandered Our Love Serene) 15. The Cobblers Song (I Sit And Cobble At Slippers And Shoon) 16. We Bring Ye Fruits 17. Finale (We Are The Robbers Of The Woods) From The Maid of the Mountains: 18. Introduction (Ah! Friends Have To Part) – Live For Today 19. My Life Is Love (Love Is My Life) 20. Farewell (Ah, Woe Is Me!) 21. Were gathered Here 22. Love Will Find A Way (Poor Capitive! So You Say!) 23. Save Us 24. Dirty Work (In Matters Of Morality) 25. A Paradise For Two (Theres No Song Within My Heart) 26. Husbands and Wives (I Used To Trust My Husband) 27. A Bachelor Gay 28. When youre In Love (Now Just Suppose) 29. Finale (Whateer Befall, I Still Recall)