The New Picasso (2006)

Musicales | 92 Min

Datos Generales

1. OvertureBuy MP3 2. From My Minds Eye – Max von Essen, Rodney Hicks, John Jeffrey Martin, Steven Goldsmith, Brooke Sunny Moriber, William Parry EnsembleBuy MP3 3. I Believe – Brooke Sunny MoriberBuy MP3 4. From My Minds Eye – reprise – Max von EssenBuy MP3 5. Wind Up Doll – Ashley AmberBuy MP3 6. Are Gives You Immortality – Robert Cuccioli, Joseph Dellger, Tony Freeman, Ashley Amber EnsembleBuy MP3 7. Everything You Touch Is Beautiful To Me – Brooke Sunny MoriberBuy MP3 8. Save Tomorrow For Another Day – Rodney Hicks, John Jeffrey Martin, Steven Goldsmith EnsembleBuy MP3 9. Lost At Sea- Max von EssenBuy MP3 10. Live Your Dream – Christiane NollBuy MP3 11. Kingmaker- Robert Cuccioli Max von EssenBuy MP3 12. Forever- Max von Essen Brooke Sunny Moriber The Tango Of MiraclesBuy MP3 13. Our Boss Is Really Sumthin!- Ashley Amber Jerry GallagherBuy MP3 14. Act 1 Finale- Brooke Sunny Moriber, Max von Essen, Rodney Hicks, William Parry, Elizabeth Earley, Joseph Dellger Ensemble