The Student Prince (1962)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

The Two Svengalis

1. Golden Days (Down Where The Necker Flows Swiftly Along) – John Wakefield 2. To The Inn Were Marching – Christopher Keyte 3. Drinking Song (Drink! Drink! Drink!)/Come, Boys! (Im Coming At Your Call) – Various Artists 4. Heidelberg, Beloved Vision (Of Love Ive Often Heard) – Marion Grimaldi 5. Gaudeamus Igitur – Christopher Keyte 6. Deep In My Heart (Of Love Ive Often Heard) – Marion Grimaldi 7. Finale: Let Me Drink Your Health – Sinfonia Of London 8. Finale: Serenade (Overhead The Moon Is Beaming) – Sinfonia Of London 9. Student Life – Various Artists 10. Thoughts Will Come To Me – Christopher Keyte 11. Just We Two – Sinfonia Of London 12. Finale (To The Inn Were Marching) – Various Artists 13. Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (Weve Hunted The Wolf In The Forest) – Peter Egan 14. Naughty Marietta (There Are Two Very Different Mariettas In Me) – Stephanie Voss 15. Italian Street Song (Zing, Zing) (My Heart Belongs To Napoli) – Stephanie Voss 16. Im Falling In Love With Someone – Peter Egan 17. Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Love – Stephanie Voss 18. Overture – New World Show Orchestra 19. My Hero (I Have A True And Noble Lover) – Pauline Stevens 20. Ti-Ra-La-La (Three Women Sighing Alone One Night) – Pauline Stevens 21. The Chocolate Soldier (To Tell The Truth, I Never Knew) – Pauline Stevens 22. Forgive, Forgive, Forgive (Barbarians; Yes, Barbarians) – Pauline Stevens