The Student Prince (1962)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

1. The Student Prince: Students Marching Song – Drinking Song – Come Boys (Kirsten) 2. The Student Prince: Arrival At Heidelberg – In Heidelberg Fair – Gaudeamus igitur (MacRae, Kirsten) 3. The Student Prince: Deep In My Heart, Dear (Kirsten, MacRae) 4. The Student Prince: Serenade (MacRae) 5. The Student Prince: Just We Two (MacRae, Kirsten) 6. The Desert Song: The Riff Song (MacRae) 7. The Desert Song: Why Did We Marry Soldiers – French Military Marching Song (Kirsten) 8. The Desert Song: Romance (Kirsten) 9. The Desert Song: The Desert Song (MacRae, Kirsten) 10. The Desert Song: Let Love Go – One Flower – One Alone (MacRae) 11. The Desert Song: The Sabre Song (Kirsten, MacRae) 12. The New Moon: Marianne (MacRae) 13. The New Moon: The Girl On The Prow (Kirsten) 14. The New Moon: Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise (MacRae) 15. The New Moon: One Kiss (Kirsten) 16. The New Moon: Stouthearted Men (MacRae) 17. The New Moon: Wanting You (MacRae, Kirsten) 18. The New Moon: Lover, Come Back To Me (Kirsten) 19. The New Moon: Try Her Out At Dances