The unsinkable Molly Brown (1964)

Musicales | 92 Min

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* Format: CD * Label: Turner Classic Movies R272465 * Released: 2000-11-21 * Barcode: 0081227246525 * Buy from AmazonTracks:1. Main Title2. Belly Up To The Bar, Boys – Ed Begley/Jack Kruschen3. I Ain't Down Yet – Debbie Reynolds/Grover Dale/Gus Trikonis4. Colorado Sunset5. Colorado, My Home – HARVE PRESNELL6. Boy Meets Girl7. Leadville8. Belly Up To The Bar, Boys – Debbie Reynolds & Company9. Reading Lessons10. I'll Never Say No – HARVE PRESNELL11. Molly Scherzo12. I'll Never Say No (Housebuilding Montage Reprise) – HARVE PRESNELL13. Buggy Ride14. Here Comes The Bride (I Ain't Down Yet) – Ed Begley/Jack Kruschen & Co.15. The Disillusioned Bride16. When Roses Bloom (The Beautiful People Of Denver)17. Stella Dallas18. I'll Never Say No (Reprise) – Debbie Reynolds19. I Ain't Down Yet (Reprise) – Harve Presnell/Debbie Reynolds20. Molly Waltz (Dolce Far Niente)21. Colorado, My Home (Reprise) – HARVE PRESNELL22. He's My Friend – Debbie Reynolds/Harve Presnell/Hermoine Baddeley/Martita Hunt/Ed Begley/Jack Kruschen & Co.23. Johnny's Soliloquy – HARVE PRESNELL24. Queen Of The Lardpail25. Maxie At Maxim's (Up Where The People Are)26. Letter From Johnny27. Titanic Dissolves28. The Brass Bed/End Cast