Tip-Toes (1998)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

1. Overture2. Florida3. Nice Baby4. Looking For A Boy5. Lady Luck6. When Do We Dance?7. These Charming People8. That Certain Feeling9. Sweet And Low-Down10. Finale-Act I11. Entracte12. Our Little Captain13. Looking For A Boy14. Its A Great Little World!15. Nightie-Night!16. Tip-Toes17. Finale-Act II18. Overture19. Tell Me More20. Tell Me More21. Shopgirls And Mannequins22. Mr & Mrs. Sipkin23. When The Debbies Go By24. Three Times A Day25. Why Do I Love You?26. How Can I Win You Now?27. Kickin The Clouds Away28. Finale-Act I29. Love Is In The Air30. My Fair Lady31. In Sardina32. Baby!33. Finaletto-Act 234. Opening Ensemble35. Ukelele Lorelei36. Finale-Act II