You Never Know (1991)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Tracks: 1. Overture2. By Candlelight – Harry Groener & David Garrison3. Lets Not Talk About Love – David Garrison4. Im Going in for Love – Kristin Chenoweth5. Im Back in Circulation – Angela Teek with David Garrison6. From Alpha to Omega – Kristin Chenoweth & David Garrison7. Entracte8. What Shall I Do? – Kristin Chenoweth with David Garrison & Harry Groener9. Lets Misbehave – David Garrison & Kristin Chenoweth10. I Happen to Be in Love11. From Alpha to Omega (Reprise) / Act II Finale – Kristin Chenoweth, Harry Groener, and David Garrison12. Entracte13. You Never Know – Donna McKechnie14. What Is That Tune? – Harry Groener & Donna McKechnie15. At Long Last Love – Harry Groener16. Ridin High – David Garrison & Kristin Chenoweth17. By Candlelight (Reprise) / Finale Ultimo – Kristin Chenoweth, David Garrison, Harry Groener, Guy Haines, Donna McKechnie & Angela Teek