Candide, en Concierto

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Tracks: Disc One: 1. Overture 2. Westphalia Chorale 3. The Best of All Possible Worlds: War and Peace 4. Oh, Happy We – Candide and Cunegonde 5. The Best of All Possible Worlds: Marriage 6. It Must Be So 7. The Lisbon Sequence/The Inquisition 8. It Must Be Me – Candide 9. The Paris Waltz 10. Glitter and Be Gay 11. You Were Dead, You Know 12. The Pilgrims Procession / Alleluia 13. My Love Disc Two: 1. I Am Easily Assimilated 2. The Quartet Finale 3. Act Two Introduction 4. Quiet 5. We Are Women /Candides Return from Eldorado 6. The Ballad of Eldorado 7. Bon Voyage 8. Ringaroundarosy 9. Money, Money, Money 10. Whats the Use? 11. The Venice Gavotte 12. No More Than This/Return to Westphalia 13. Make Our Garden Grow