Do I Hear a Waltz?

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1. Ride Through The Night 2. I'm Just Taking My Time 3. When You Help A Friend Out 4. Who Knows What Might Have Been? 5. I Just Can't Wait 6. Getting Married 7. Be A Santa 8. How Can You Describe A Face? 9. Comes Once In A Lifetime 10. Now I Have Someone 11. I Said It And I'm Glad 12. What Is This Feeling In The Air? 13. Do I Hear A Waltz? 14. Here We Are Again 15. Moon In My Window 16. This Week Americans 17. Someone Like You 18. We're Gonna Be All Right 19. No Understand 20. Take The Moment 21. Thinking 22. A Perfectly Lovely Couple 23. Stay 24. Thank You So Much