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Satins and Spurs

1. Prepare Ye (The Way Of The Lord) – David Haskell & Company2. Save The People – Victor Garber & Company3. Day By Day – Robin Lamont & Company4. Turn Back, O Man – Joanne Jonas Victor Garber & Company5. Bless The Lord – Lynne Thigpen & Company6. All For The Best – Victor Garber & Company7. All Good Gifts – Merrel Jackson & Company8. Light Of The World – Jerry Sroka, Gilmer McCormick, Jeffery Mylett, Robin Lamont & Company9. Alas For You – Victor Garber10. By My Side – Katie Hanley & Company11. Beautiful City – Entire Company12. On The Willows – Stephen Reinhardt, Richard LaBonte & Victor Garber13. Finale – Victor Garber & Company