Love Life

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Temas MusicalesDisco 1 1. Opening 2. Who Is Samuel Cooper?/My Name is Samuel Cooper 3. Here Ill Stay 4. Progress 5. I Remember It Well 6. Green-Up Time 7. Economics 8. Mothers Getting Nervous 9. My Kind of Night 10. Womens Club Blues 11. My Kind of Night (Reprise) 12. Love Song 13. Im Your Man 14. Ho, Bill O! 15. I Remember It Well (Reprise) 16. Is It Him or Is It Me 17. Punch and Judy Get a Divorce (Ballet) 18. This Is the Life Disco 2 1. Here Ill Stay (Reprise) 2. Minstrel Parade 3. Madame Zuzu 4. Taking No Chances 5. Mr. Right 6. Finale 7. Cutain Calls/Exit Music 8. Bonus: Susans Dream (cut) 9. Bonus: Economics (early version) 10. Bonus: Theres Nothing Left for Daddy (but the Rhumba) (cut) 11. Bonus: You Understand Me So (cut) 12. Bonus: Is it Him or Is it Me? (early version) 13. Bonus: The Locker Room (cut)